The Officer


Active Retention on an IWB platform.

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Hero Holsters LLC is proud to present the Officer . This holster has everything you love about Inside-the-waistband hybrid holsters, plus an active retention thumb break strap. According to our research, we were the first to bring this innovation to the concealment market.

The thumb break strap (available around the slide or the backstrap of the gun) should satisfy any law enforcement agency which requires their investigators to utilize an active retention holster.

Many hybrid holster makers talk about retention, but what they really mean is “friction”. An open-top holster, while satisfactory for most concealment applications, does not actively retain your weapon if someone were to grab for it.

Carrying a concealed weapon is a human activity and therefore prone to human error. The Officer takes concealed carry safety a step in the right direction. While no safety feature is perfect, this could very well give you the time to throw some elbows and grasp and/or draw your weapon to keep it in your own hands and not the hands of an assailant.

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